Friday, January 28, 2011

Second Week

Local News
A video of Sushi, a brown miniature poodle, being abused as a result of not standing on his hind legs perfectly has been circulating on Youtube and Facebook among Malaysians and the videos has also been reported on in the newspapers. The man in the video (recorded by Doreen Loo) is seen hitting and slapping the dog in the face and stomach area as well as throwing it against the wall for "not standing on its hind legs".
This case of abuse is considered one of the worst abuse cases ever to be known in this country. The video has angered and touched many people who plead for the right punishment to be upon Doreen and her boyfriend. Facebook users have even tracked down the profile belonging to Doreen Loo and are posting nasty comments to her. Photos of her dog Sushi are all about him on his hind legs. Fear and pain can be seen clearly in his eyes.

I think it was really unnecessary to "train" his animal that way, nor was it right what he did physically to Sushi. His acts were very inhumane and really heartless. And i'm sure it angered alot of people whether they are dog lovers or not. I hope they get the punishment they deserve because a year in jail and a fine of 200MYR really doesnt seem fair for Sushi.

International News

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